Activating Interface’s new mission for all employees

Interface, Inc. is a global commercial flooring company producing modular carpet tiles and resilient flooring while on a mission to create a climate for life. As a global leader in corporate sustainability, Interface’s mission is continuously evolving. Founder Ray Anderson had a “spear in the chest moment” where he decided to shift from a petroleum-intensive carpet manufacturer to becoming one of the world’s first sustainable and environmentally friendly companies. Anderson’s shift in strategy was brought to life in 1994 through Mission Zero – Interface’s commitment to eliminate any negative impact their business has on the environment by 2020. Twenty-five years later, as their goal began to come into focus, it was time to set their sights beyond 2020: Climate Take Back. Interface’s Climate Take Back is the company’s new mission that aims to have a positive and restorative impact on the environment.

To help with this next big step and garner stakeholder support, Interface partnered with thinkPARALLAX to globally reconnect and re-engage their employees around the success of Mission Zero and the launch of Climate Take Back. To tackle this challenge, we leaned on our philosophy for Strengthening A Company Culture which is based on the idea that our values help shape our beliefs, our beliefs inform our attitudes and our attitudes determine our behaviors. If we wanted the behavior outcome to be reconnection and re-engagement we needed to start with the values, the foundation.

thinkPARALLAX conducted extensive global stakeholder research to ensure that we heard from all levels of the organization, in order for us to develop a strategy and engagement tactics that would be most effective. We leveraged the research to guide the development of a values-driven employee awareness campaign. The multi-touchpoint campaign was developed in eight different languages and rolled out in homes, offices, and factories around the world. This activation phase of the campaign was centered around exposure and awareness of the values, the success of Mission Zero, and the introduction of Climate Take Back, all while aiming to instill greater alignment and momentum. The Climate Take Back Mission Activation Kits, that thinkPARALLAX designed and developed, were shipped all over the world.

The global engagement strategy included:

Video series with CEO, leaders and employees that were shared via email, on workplace and in break rooms.

‘Our Unfolding Journey’ storybooks and letter from the CEO, that were mailed to every employee’s home. This piece shared, in an accessible format, the story of Interface, Mission Zero and the next step to Climate Take Back.

Digital Conversation Guides for leaders and managers to help facilitate conversations around the new mission.

Large interactive walls that acted as the backdrop to the facilitated conversations and allowed for evergreen engagement by way of questions, prompts, and messaging around the new mission.

Image-driven campaign posters with real employees to reinforce the new mission’s priorities and messaging.