Integrating culture and cultivating professional growth paths for employees

Recognizing that the ability to attract and retain top talent is critical to company performance, especially in the hyper-competitive tech sector, Twitter came to thinkPARALLAX with the goal of improving retention and engagement for their largely millennial employee base. Our team developed a variety of digital materials, including an interactive career exploration website, that gave employees the ability to envision their career growth at Twitter, while also exposing them to the company’s corporate responsibility efforts (which often leads to higher levels of engagement).


How do you help develop soft skills and turn your employees into leaders when more than

80 %

of them have a technical background?

3000 %

Employee headcount growth from 2010-2015

In addition to providing Twitter employees with essential tools they need to grow and thrive at the company, we also ensured that this new internal workforce framework connected to the brand’s core values and broader commitments. In doing so, we moved the employee development efforts out of a silo and helped the company shift their strategy to a more integrated, holistic approach reflective of the brand ethos.

Our work with this iconic brand created greater internal transparency so that employees understand all their possible growth paths, and managers can trust that employees have the appropriate level of proficiency, regardless of business division.

This project reflects our core strategic belief that giving your people the tools, resources and motivation to be their best selves isn’t just good for morale—it makes good business sense, too.

Strategy | key deliverables and activities

  • Development of online career planning tool
  • Employee track content strategy

Activation | key deliverables and activities

  • Visual guidelines
  • Microsite
  • Infographics
  • PPTs
  • Success Project website