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Growing our way out of climate change

Why farmers hold the key to your sustainability strategy

June 12, 2024

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Adam Kotin is the Managing Director of the Soil and Climate Initiative, the first independent third-party regenerative agriculture commitment and verification program open to any farmer, in any production system.

The Soil & Climate Initiative (SCI) is a commitment and verification program that empowers and incentivizes farmers and the agricultural supply chain to transition acres to regenerative management to maximize regenerative outcomes - soil health, biodiversity, water quality, climate resiliency and boost farm and rural community economics.

We sat down with Adam to discuss the importance of regenerative agriculture and its role in addressing climate change across supply chains; perhaps even yours. SCI aims to catalyze the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and provide tools and resources for farmers, brands, and consumers. During our chat, Adam emphasizes the significance of soil health and its connection to climate change mitigation and adaptation and builds a case for compelling storytelling opportunities. 

Here are some of the takeaways you’ll discover in our chat:

  • Why Adam “would really like for everyone to meet a farmer.”
  • Why regenerative agriculture offers a win-win-win opportunity by reducing emissions, drawing down carbon, and adapting supply chains to the future.
  • How regenerative agriculture is a near perfect match to the definition of sustainability (as defined by the UN, Our Common Future).
  • Engaging with agricultural supply chains is crucial for reducing emissions and addressing climate change.
  • Consumers are increasingly interested in understanding where their food comes from and how it relates to the rest of life on Earth; be sure to play a role in that.
  • How regenerative agriculture has been supported, and is currently being driven by brands themselves, companies that have set climate targets or nature targets, investors who are pushing them in that direction, and retailers too.
  • Why engaging your agricultural supply chain is one of the few opportunities you have to reduce emissions and draw down carbon and adapt your supply chains to the future.
  • How regenerative agriculture benefits can contribute to your scope 3 emissions strategy

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