We’re on a mission to better the world by driving meaningful sustainability progress, action, and conversation.

What we do

We partner with influential companies across industries to guide ESG strategy, reporting, communications, and engagement. Our team of expert strategists and creatives deliver compelling solutions that maximize business and stakeholder value.


Uncovering ESG opportunities to maximize business and stakeholder value.
Materiality assessments

Stakeholder engagement/research

Benchmarking and competitive analysis


Strategy and program development

Strategic framework creation

Strategic partnerships


Demonstrating performance through effective sustainability report strategy, writing, and design.
ESG/sustainability/CSR reporting strategy, writing, design, and development

Alignment to reporting frameworks (SASB, SDGs, GRI, UNGC, TCFD)

Digital ESG reporting development and execution

Data visualization

Code of conduct

Human capital management disclosure


Translating ESG strategy into effective storytelling and creative.
Mission/purpose/vision/values refinement and development

Communication strategy and planning

Communication framework creation

Messaging matrix creation

Audience mapping and persona development

Digital and print design


Interactive design and development

Sustainability marketing (public relations, content creation, speaking, awards, media relations)

Investor relations communication strategy and planning


Creating activations that raise awareness, inspire action, and drive dialogue.
Leadership alignment workshops

Employer brand and employee engagement

Culture and behavior change

Social media content  and engagement

Experiential events

Internal communications and campaigns

Thought leadership development

Executive platforms

At thinkPARALLAX, we believe that by viewing problems from multiple angles—incorporating diverse perspectives and varying stakeholder desires and challenges—we can achieve the extraordinary.

The diverse perspectives of our expert strategists and creatives allow us to deliver unique solutions that maximize business and stakeholder value.

parallax (noun)

the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions

Our clients

Customer testimonials

“thinkPARALLAX’s strategic expertise helped us engage our investors on ESG through improved reporting, strategy, and digital communications. Their team was creative, thoughtful, and meticulous in their approach, and overall a joy to collaborate with in evolving our company’s ESG strategy.”
Andrew Johnson
VP, Government Affairs and Sustainability
“The thinkPARALLAX team's strategic savvy and creativity is unparalleled. They helped us translate our sustainability strategy into an effective framework and communication platform that engaged and empowered our employees, investors, customers, and other important stakeholders. I would love to collaborate with them again."
Kara DeVita
Senior Director — Social Impact, Executive Director — Fossil Foundation
“The thinkPARALLAX team was a true strategic partner in helping Snap transform our Code of Conduct into a powerful document that communicates our core values, ethics, and commitment to kindness.”
Nicole Diaz
Global Head of Integrity & Compliance Legal
“This was a fantastic project that I personally loved working on, and it was a huge undertaking that would not have been made possible without the incredible teamwork and strong communication displayed by thinkPARALLAX. The launch of our inaugural report marks our official line in the sand for ESG reporting for Sunnova and I know our ESG policies, disclosures and story will only continue to grow positively and impactfully over the years.”
Kelsey Hultberg
EVP, Chief of Staff — Office of the CEO
“thinkPARALLAX helped us develop a CSR narrative, communication plan and activation across multiple channels. With this communication strategy we not only connect CSR to the bank’s purpose but we also have clear guidance on how to talk about why what we’re doing matters to our stakeholders.”
Samantha Mesrobian
Director of Corporate Responsibility
“Thanks for the outstanding strategic and tactical support. Your contributions helped us to find our voice, and are changing the trajectory of our company. Our leaders and colleagues are embracing our new direction and acting in alignment with The IP Way Forward. Continuing to work with thinkPARALLAX will enable us to achieve our vision of being among the most successful, sustainable, and responsible companies in the world.”
Tom Cleves
VP, Global Citizenship
“The thinkPARALLAX team was instrumental in evolving our One Report to where it is today: an interactive, integrated report that showcases our sustainability goals, business objectives, and progress against ESG issues through beautiful design and targeted communications. I am proud to have them as a partner in Southwest’s ESG journey, and to call them my friends.”
Todd Spinks
Citizenship Communications & Outreach
“Creative, methodical, on-budget, responsive — the designers and project managers at thinkPARALLAX have been my reliable external team for projects large and small, from museum exhibits to magazine ads, website design and curation to execution of an online app. They’re the best.”
Joe Schuman
Director of Public Affairs