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Invest your values

How to harness your shareholder power for lasting change

May 15, 2024

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This week, we sat down with Andrew Behar, CEO of As You Sow, to discuss the organization's work in shareholder advocacy and investing in alignment with values; two powerful concepts that can drive positive change and benefits for both shareholders and stakeholders. 

You’ll find the finer details in the show, but in general, As You Sow engages with companies (some of the biggest and most influential) to reduce material risk and improve their operations - thus improving their potential for revenue and yes, profits, but not at the expense of people or the planet. They file shareholder resolutions to initiate change and have had success in areas such as reducing ocean plastics, tackling climate change, and promoting diversity. And this isn’t just about institutional shareholders, we’re talking about small and individual owners of a public company as well.

It’s a fascinating take on tackling sustainability from the outside in.

Here are some of the key takeaways from our chat:

  • Shareholders have power in holding companies accountable and driving positive change
  • While it seems daunting and sometimes confusing, individuals can invest and vote their proxies in alignment with their values
  • Shareholder resolutions have power and companies often respond positively to shareholder concerns
  • You have more power than you might know when it comes to making sure your money and your earnings are invested in line with your values
  • Finding win-win opportunities is the best way to create the change you want to see (good for business, good for people and planet)

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