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From accounting to action

Engaging internal allies and navigating competing priorities

Annika Perry
March 13, 2024

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Kristine Richmond is Sr. Director, ESG & Sustainability Impact at WM. She’s all in on the idea that it’s time to move from data to action.

With an impressive background in corporate sustainability, Kristine has seen what it takes to build and maintain strong programs, and bring the entire organization on board to help drive commitments forward.

In this episode you’ll hear advice on:

  • Moving from data collection to action on that data
  • Making sustainability relatable
  • Dealing with the answer, “No”
  • Finding allies in the organization
  • Reaching employees where they are
  • How best to prepare for the future role of sustainability practitioner

WM has been tracking and reporting on sustainability data for years and has a comprehensive program that is focused on three bold ambitions. Learn more about their commitment to building a world where material is repurposed, energy is renewable, and communities are thriving at sustainability.wm.com.


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