PARALLAXPloration 2022: Smallest Footprint, Biggest Impact

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

Each year, we ask our team members this question. And each year, from emerald-green cliffs in the Azores to the bustling streets of Vietnam, PARALLAXPloration — our company-funded travel program — helps transform those answers into reality. Designed to encourage participants to explore other cultures, gain creative inspiration, and venture past their comfort zones, PARALLAXPloration has taken thinkPARALLAX employees to more than 25 countries since 2014. Equipped with a red letter, travel stipend, and three extra days of paid time off on the calendar, our team members embark on an adventure with only one rule: to go somewhere new.

More than just colorful memories, travel gives us a boundless appreciation for the world and a renewed desire to protect it. That’s why this year, our travels will be planned in the theme of Smallest Footprint, Biggest Impact. As we travel, we will plan to tread lightly — and when we can, to leave the places we visit better than we found them. This involves seeking out diverse perspectives, caring for and learning from the communities who host us, and using those experiences to inform and inspire our work upon return.

“The goal of this program is to get [our team] out of their comfort zone and give them new perspectives to bring back to work.”

- Jonathan Hanwit, CEO and Co-Founder

Want to follow along? Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing our travels on our Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter — keep an eye out for the red letters!

PARALLAXPloration 2022: Smallest Footprint, Biggest Impact
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