Charting your sustainability journey

In our ESG Field Manual series, thinkPARALLAX provides companies early on their sustainability journey with a how-to guide for advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy and storytelling.

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In part I of our Field Manual series, we cover the foundational knowledge of sustainability and three essential steps to forming a strategy: building an ESG compass to point the way (definitions, historical context, and current trends),  planning your route (ESG historical topics, governance, policies, programs, and metrics), and establishing goals to map your destination (assessing how far you want to go on your journey, and establishing goals and targets to get you there).

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In Part II of our ESG Field Manual series: From Strategy to Action, we expand upon the groundwork laid in Part I, breaking down the crucial steps to guiding your organization's transition from strategy to action. This comprehensive manual provides insights on operationalizing goals, formalizing policies, optimizing data collection, and reporting on ESG initiatives.

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With your strategy in place, in Part III: From action to amplification, we cover how to translate your hard work into a cohesive narrative and effective communications that engage employees, drive performance, build reputation, and ultimately drive business value.

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