Deep Dives

The ESG Field Manual Part II: From strategy to action

June 7, 2023
Deep Dives

The ESG Field Manual Part II: From strategy to action

In our ESG Field Manual series, thinkPARALLAX provides companies early on their sustainability journey with a how-to guide for advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy and storytelling.

Part one of The ESG Field Manual: From scratch to strategy covered foundational knowledge of ESG and the three steps for forming a strategy. Now, we’ll build on the foundation by exploring key steps to take your organization from strategy to action.

This manual will explain how to operationalize goals, formalize policies, optimize data collection, and report on ESG initiatives.

Here’s what’s inside this installment of the ESG Field Manual:

Step 1: Turning plans into action

Operationalize and formalize ESG goals, policies, and governance aligned with material issues and best-practice ESG topics like diversity, equity and inclusion, data and cyber security, and supplier code of conduct.

Step 2: Track goals and progress — ESG data and metrics

Determine key metrics and data to gather that will be used for external reporting. You will want to consider U.S. and international regulation, stakeholder expectations, ESG reporting frameworks and standards, and more.

Step 3: Report on your progress

Select a reporting framework and best practices for reporting on environmental, social, and governance topics.

Find the full Field Manual series here.

Download our guide to turning strategy into impact

In Part II of our ESG Field Manual series: From Strategy to Action, we expand upon the groundwork laid in Part I, breaking down the crucial steps to guiding your organization's transition from strategy to action. This comprehensive manual provides insights on operationalizing goals, formalizing policies, optimizing data collection, and reporting on ESG initiatives.

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The ESG Field Manual Part II: From strategy to action
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