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The foundation for a successful sustainability reporting process

thinkPARALLAX’s Sustainability Reporting Handbook

The process of planning, developing, and creating sustainability reporting materials can be a daunting task. Even though reporting on your company’s sustainability initiatives and progress is necessary and important, the process can take up considerable amounts of time and resources. Professionals and teams responsible for sharing their company’s impact can quickly come to dread reporting season.

As a way to make the sustainability reporting process less formidable, many reporting teams will partner with a strategic communications partner to help them in their communications by outlining a strong content strategy, creating engaging copy and visuals, and providing effective roll-out plans. The partner can also be an asset in helping with the operations of the project by establishing efficiencies in workflow, approval processes, and time management.

Through our more than ten years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies as their strategic communicators, we’ve come to absorb, test, and discover exactly what tools help in the creation and communication of a sustainability report(s). One of these tools includes our very own Project Handbook that consists of guidelines, reference materials, and supporting documentation to serve as a general guide to the strategy, design, and development of sustainability reporting materials.

“Southwest is using the Handbook again this year. What has become a critical tool for success, the Handbook provides greater clarity about project team roles and responsibilities and promotes efficiencies in process management. It has helped us reduce the number of persons and hours required to produce our report, and thus reduce our overall costs, all the while improving quality and impact!”
– Todd Spinks Ph.D., Sustainabilty & Citizenship at Southwest Airlines

If you are responsible for the development of complex reporting sustainability reporting projects, download a PDF of our Handbook to help you better navigate and streamline the process.

Heads up! If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of our Sustainability Reporting Handbook, we hosted a webinar where we went through each section of the Handbook more in-depth. Watch it here.

Making materiality meaningful.

In this Insights Paper, thinkPARALLAX provides ESG practitioners with strategies for crafting materiality assessments that lead to meaningful results. Engaging stakeholder groups with targeted questions, collaborating across teams, and methodically analyzing data are just a few ways to transform materiality from a requisite box-checking exercise to a key driver of business success. By leveraging an effort already required as part of reporting efforts, companies can better understand impact, risks, and opportunities from all angles. With an aligned, meaningful ESG materiality effort, a company can glean the insights to create a strategic advantage and best position itself for the future.

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