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The role of corporate philanthropy in climate disasters

Year after year, our planet is devastated by an increasing number of climate disasters. Last month, Australia’s apocalyptic bushfires burned more than 27 million acres, killing at least 30 people and more than 1 billion animals. In response to these climate catastrophes, helping communities cope has become a strategic pillar of corporate citizenship for many companies.

In a recently published GreenBiz article, I explore how organizations can make corporate giving a part of a comprehensive and clearly communicated sustainability strategy. Read the full story on GreenBiz.

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The new era of reporting is now.

In this Insights Paper, thinkPARALLAX provides sustainability practitioners with an alternative approach to traditional sustainability reporting better suited for today’s ESG investment landscape. This focuses on streamlining the reporting process while providing more valuable information to investors and capital providers. Readers will learn how this approach can help reduce time spent on reporting so that resources can be redirected towards programs aimed at advancing ESG goals and general future-proofing of their business.

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