PARALLAXploration 2019

Where would you go to step away from daily life and experience something new? As a team of avid globetrotters, this question frequently crosses our minds at thinkPARALLAX —  but there’s no denying the challenges of traveling when you work full-time. That’s why our Co-founders Jonathan and Guusje developed PARALLAXploration, a company-funded travel program aimed at getting our team out of the office and into the world. With an $1800 stipend in our pockets and extra paid time off on our calendars, we’re sent to a destination of our choosing with only a few guidelines to follow:

1) Go somewhere you’ve never been.

2) Go “alone.”

“The goal of this program is to get [our team] out of their comfort zone and give them new perspectives to bring back to work.”

- Jonathan Hanwit, CEO and Co-Founder

From the untouched volcanic landscapes of the Azores to the bustling streets of Vietnam, PARALLAXploration has taken us to 20 countries over the past five years. We’ve hiked along the Cliffs of Moher, learned the art of slowing down from the Hanoians, and ventured off the beaten path to find the best local cuisine. But traveling has given us more than colorful memories – it’s given us a boundless appreciation for the world and a renewed desire to protect it.

This year, we’re amplifying our PARALLAXploration program by asking our team to photograph sustainability in action for our 100 Ways in 100 Days campaign. Sustainability is being embraced across the globe and capturing these efforts will open our eyes to new ideas and give us a deeper understanding of how thinkPARALLAX can drive social and environmental change. For 100 days, our team will capture examples of sustainability and sustainability messaging everywhere they go, with the goal of collecting 100 photos by the end of the summer. We’re packing our bags for our next adventure in less than a month. Follow along on our Instagram (@thinkparallax) and watch our journey unfold.

PARALLAXploration 2019
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