Guiding agilon health on their ESG Journey

agilon health

agilon health is transforming health care for seniors by enabling quality care and empowering physicians with the time and tools that enable them to achieve better health outcomes. Though agilon’s entire business is focused on creating a positive impact on people, their formal ESG strategy and story had not yet been shaped. Working with thinkPARALLAX, agilon defined their approach, launched their first-ever ESG report, and built a clear platform that connects the dots between their business and impact on people’s lives.

The challenge

Like many quickly growing, newly public companies, agilon felt the growing expectations from investors, partners, and the public to advance their ESG program and begin reporting. While some initiatives and metrics were in place, they had yet to formalize their focus areas, actions, governance, or reporting strategy. They sought out a partner that could help them leverage the initiatives already in place, deeply understand their business and vision, and guide them to build an ESG strategy and narrative that would lead them into their next chapter.

Our solution

At the heart of agilon’s transformative business is their network of 2,700 physician partners and nearly 700 passionate employees. To develop an authentic ESG strategy and communication platform for the company, we needed to gain insight from every corner of their network: leaders, employees, physician partners, and other industry stakeholders. Through our in-depth discovery process as well as a Materiality Assessment, we honed in on the key issues that not only affect agilon, but those which agilon can impact directly. Using these insights, we developed a strategy and complementary ESG strategic framework to capture the four focus areas where agilon will direct its resources and energy. This framework is used to guide decision-making around ESG and now serves as a foundational piece of the company’s ESG communication platform.

With the strategy and framework in place, we worked with agilon to collect existing data, stories, programs, and policies to build their inaugural ESG report. Knowing data would be light for the first year, we worked closely with their team to advise and guide the creation of a report that was authentic to their business and transparent about where more work would lie ahead. 

In the process of uncovering agilon’s story, we also recognized an opportunity to help further amplify the positive impact they have within communities through a dedicated brand campaign. In addition to the ESG-specific work, we strategized and built an impactful campaign that would help share agilon’s bold brand story and drive awareness within the marketplace. Through the development of strategic concepts, creative design, photography direction, and copywriting, we brought to life Health Care Reimagined, a creative campaign aimed at sharing agilon’s unique story with physicians and other key audiences.

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Key outcomes

We guided the agilon team to develop a robust ESG foundation including a Materiality Assessment, Benchmarking, and an ESG strategic framework and accompanying communication platform to ensure the company could speak confidently and consistently about their impact.

We created agilon's first-ever ESG Report, establishing their approach and initial commitments on material topics, as well as a roadmap for how to continue to operationalize their strategy and progress their reporting.

Building on their corporate impact messaging, we built a a brand narrative and campaign driving awareness and differentiation of the company amongst physicians and prospective employees.