Activating Interface’s new mission for all employees


In 1994, founder Ray Anderson set out to evolve Interface from a petroleum-intensive carpet manufacturer to the world’s first environmentally sustainable and restorative company. 

This shift in strategy was brought to life through Mission Zero, the company’s pledge to eliminate its environmental footprint by 2020. Twenty-five years later, the company set its sights higher under a new mission: Climate Take Back, the company’s revolutionary initiative to reverse global warming, create a climate fit for life, and invite others to do the same.

The challenge

Interface partnered with thinkPARALLAX to garner stakeholder support for its new mission, specifically by globally reconnecting and re-engaging its employees around the success of Mission Zero and the launch of Climate Take Back.

Our solution

Our approach was guided by our philosophy for Strengthening a Company Culture, which describes how our values shape our beliefs, our beliefs inform our attitudes, and our attitudes determine our behaviors. In order to foster a behavioral outcome of reconnection and re-engagement, then, we needed to begin with values.

To effectively develop a values-driven employee awareness campaign, we first conducted extensive global stakeholder research to gather input from all levels of the organization. We then leveraged that research to develop effective strategy and engagement tactics resulting in a multi-touchpoint campaign, developed in eight different languages and rolled out in homes, offices, and factories around the world.  The campaign activation raised awareness of Interface’s values, the success of Mission Zero, and the launch of Climate Take Back, all while simultaneously instilling alignment and momentum among employees.

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Key outcomes

Video series featuring the company’s CEO, leaders, and employees

‘Our Unfolding Journey’ storybooks and letter from the CEO mailed to all employee homes, which shared the story of Interface, Mission Zero and Climate Take Back

Digital Conversation Guides for leaders and managers to facilitate conversations around the new mission

Large interactive walls that served as backdrops to the facilitated conversations and allowed for evergreen engagement by way of questions, prompts, and messaging around the new mission

Image-driven campaign posters with real employees to reinforce the new mission’s priorities and messaging