Formulating a fresh skincare story for Bliss


Bliss is a clean beauty company focused on delivering “total skin happiness” to its customers through transformative, dermatologist-tested products. Founded in 1996 as a high-end luxury spa in New York, Bliss has since evolved into an accessible, cruelty-free, and planet-friendly skincare brand. 

As a Certified B Corporation, sustainability is built into the Bliss brand identity — but its admirable work on social and environmental issues needed to be woven into the company’s overarching brand narrative. Together, our goal was to engage and inspire stakeholders around Bliss’ sustainability strategy through a simple, credible, and compelling story.

The challenge

Through partnerships with Terracycle and the Trevor Project, Bliss’s commitment to impact was evident in its actions as a company. But to gain due recognition for those efforts, the company’s environmental and social initiatives needed to be integrated into its overarching communications strategy, making sustainability core to the Bliss brand.

In collaboration with the Bliss team, we set out to shape a new narrative to empower consumers with education, enhance trust through transparency, and begin to position Bliss as a sustainability leader in the beauty industry.

Our solution

A robust research and discovery process is key to an effective communications strategy. Our first steps included a communications audit, Gen Z focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and industry benchmarking, all of which helped us identify opportunities for the company to position itself as authentically sustainable and uniquely Bliss.

We pulled insights from our research to inform our strategic recommendations, which included three distinct storytelling concepts that each emulated Bliss’s unique brand story and mission. Each concept honored the company’s luxury spa roots while also highlighting its renewed focus on accessibility and sustainability, ultimately uniting its vibrant brand identity through one compelling narrative. 

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Key outcomes

Laid the foundational communications work to position Bliss as a sustainability leader

Unified brand and sustainability communications into one narrative

Used design thinking techniques to create unique and effective sustainability messaging

"We are deeply grateful to the thinkPARALLAX team for their partnership in crafting a new narrative to describe and amplify our sustainability efforts at Bliss. Their care, attention to detail, and strategic thinking helped us envision, articulate, and evolve our sustainability story in a way that both honored our company roots and imagined just how impactful our future could be. Since implementing our new approach we’ve seen deeper engagement with our community on social media, increased excitement from our retail partners, and an inspiring impact on our team."

Victoria Peipert
Senior Director of Project Management, Compliance & CSR