Refining Fossil’s strategic framework and sustainability messaging

Fossil Group

Fossil Group, Inc. is a global design, marketing, distribution, and innovation company known for its high-quality and classically fashionable accessories. With a retail presence spanning 150 countries and a portfolio of brands, the company is guided by a mission to design the world’s most sustainable watches and accessories.

The challenge

Fossil Group’s challenge was that it had developed the bones of a strategic framework, Make Time For Good. However, the framework needed to be fleshed out with stronger messaging that unified the company’s social and environmental work. While the company was doing a good job communicating its philanthropic work, Fossil Group wanted to show stakeholders how sustainability was core to its business. More importantly, Fossil Group wanted to demonstrate its sustainability leadership in the fashion industry. 

Our solution

To take on this challenge, thinkPARALLAX set out to develop a refined messaging and communications strategy for Make Time For Good. We traveled to Fossil Group’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas — this was pre-pandemic — to conduct in-person focus group interviews to better understand the company’s brand, messaging, and sustainability strategy. Supplemented by a thorough asset review of key Fossil Group sustainability communications and strategy documents, we became experts on all things Fossil Group. 

Our work involved three elements: creating a targeted narrative, building a strategic communications plan, and devising a website strategy — all with the goal of positioning Fossil Group as a sustainability leader in the watch and accessory space.

We first crafted messaging in Fossil Group's signature optimistic and accessible brand voice to articulate the company’s approach to sustainability. The new narrative focused on radical transparency needed to transform the fashion industry. To help deliver it, we created a communications plan that Fossil Group could immediately act on to engage its internal and external stakeholders. This included a strategy for introducing the Make Time For Good framework to external audiences, a roadmap for reinforcing the framework internally, and a cohesive timeline of campaigns and drumbeat tactics to promote Make Time For Good throughout the year. To adapt the message to a digital-first environment, we also devised a website strategy, including visual and written content, to share Fossil Groups sustainability plan with the world.

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Key outcomes

Developed authentic and targeted messaging in Fossil Group’s unique brand voice

Created a robust, action-oriented communications plan under the Make Time For Good framework

Brought Fossil Group’s sustainability website to life through engaging content and design

“From start to finish, the thinkPARALLAX team listened carefully and seamlessly collaborated with our team to ensure all of our goals were met, and their creative and communications expertise brought our sustainability initiatives to life through masterful storytelling. We felt supported throughout the entire process, and confident that our new communications strategy would engage employees, investors, and customers. This project was a joy to be a part of — thank you, thinkPARALLAX!”

Kara DeVita
Senior Director- Social Impact at Fossil Group, Inc., Executive Director - Fossil Foundation